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Our carrot varieties include the popular hybrids, Flyaway and Resistafly, as well as the new Nantes type and Red Samurai. We are working towards further developing a niche range of carrot varieties with excellent colour and flavour.

Crop Information
Sow January into July
Suggested Density 770,000 - 1,760,000 per hectare
Harvest Period May onwards

Amsterdam Forcing

Our own stock of this quick developing half long variety. One of the earliest for forcing outdoors or under cloches.


A high quality, long Berlicum maincrop carrot for fresh market or processing. Roots 17 to 23cm long with excellent colour.

Carrot Flyaway

Flyaway combines roots of attractive shape, colour and smooth skin, with good resistance to carrot root fly.

Carrot Resistafly

Tozer Seed's latest carrot root fly resistant variety. A Nantes hybrid with long, well coloured and smooth roots.

Rocket F1

Early hybrid of excellent colour with freedom from green shoulder. A Tozer Seed's development.